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Halloween Adventure – Masque of the Red Death

October 31, 2011

This is a side-trek for 4th Edition D&D that I ran a group through a year ago. I thought I would dust it off and polish it up a bit for our Halloween post. It is based on the Edgar Allan Poe story Masque of the Red Death. One of the players brought it to my attention that Masque of the Red Death is also the title of a Ravenloft setting, but this has nothing to do with that. It is for PCs level 4-6. It references monsters in the 4e Monster Manual, Monster Manual 3, and Open Grave. If you have a DnD Insider account it is really easy to look them up in the compendium. If you don’t, and you don’t have those books, you could substitute whatever you feel appropriate.

Included is a rough map to give you an idea of the areas and how one connects to the next. The actual dimensions of the rooms and placement of creatures is up to the DM. If you plan on running this I would urge you to read the Edgar Allan Poe story, and if you have some additional time, encourage your players to read it as well. It doesn’t contain any spoilers and will really add to everyone’s enjoyment of the adventure.

This was my first stab at writing a 4e adventure. I’ve written a few more since, maybe I’ll share those at a later date. Hope you guys like this one!


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