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Brimstone Cards – Review – Circle City

November 7, 2011

Some of the zombie/skull royalty of Brimstone

Back in May I pledged $5 on a kickstarter for what looked to be a cool set of slightly evil-looking playing cards. Little did I know, I was witnessing the birth of a custom playing card company. Russell Kercheval, of what is now Circle City Cards, ran a very impressive kickstarter campaign, and has launched a successful company from it. Russell did a great job of keeping his pledgers informed of the ups and downs in the process, and offered some really great rewards for his initial kickstarter. His first deck, Brimstone, is a very unique and striking set of cards.

According to the project’s site, the cards of Bicycle’s “magic finish,” which I imagine refers to the texture and gloss of the cards, making card tricks easier to do with them. I didn’t purchase these to do any sleight of hand, but I could see how they would be awesome for that, as they are very eye-catching and have a really nice feel to them. Included were several “gaff” cards that could be used in particular tricks, like the 10 of diamonds with all the diamonds at the bottom of the card, and a Joker that is holding a 3 of clubs. The box itself has 3-of-clubs written beneath the barcode, which I’m sure could be an excellent reveal for some trick.

Box and back art. 10D gaff card.

The cards themselves are of the highest quality. The art is finely detailed, and the colors on the cards are rich. My wife and I played a couple of hands of Kings in the Corner with them right around Halloween, while watching scary movies. They were perfect for that time of year. From a RPG perspective, they could be used as an excellent prop if the party came across a fortune-teller, or to use as a deck of many things. If you drew a face card looking like these do, I doubt the party would be in for anything good.

I would certainly recommend this deck if you like the aesthetic. The decks are reasonably priced for the quality of product you receive, and have a unique look you certainly won’t find anywhere else.

Another member of Skyland games has bid on his latest kickstarter deck, Americana. Sadly, you’ve missed your chance to get in on that one as that project is now successfully funded. We’ll let you know how that one turned out, once it arrives. Keep an eye out for future decks. These guys do great work!

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