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RPG Webcomics 2 – Eclectic Boogaloo

November 18, 2011

One of our first posts ever was to share the love of/for some awesome RPG webcomics. There are other hugely awesome comics out there that touch on RPGs occasionally, but I’d like to focus on comics that make it there main subject matter. First up, NamelessPCs from wexogo. Apparently they work so we don’t have to, which is considerate, even though I still don’t know how to xogo, or what xogo means. Anyway, they’ve got a pretty awesome blog that helps GMs suck less, which I’m sure we call all agree is important to excellent gaming. Sadly, the update schedule from these guys is a little erratic, but generally they put up a new comic every week or two. A lot of weeks its worth the wait. To go along with the maiden voyage of our recent pirate campaign (which went swimmingly, somewhat literally), I submit the following example.

courtesy of wexogo

Next up, Guilded Age. This comic features a pretty extensive cast, and full-page layouts that look a lot like traditional print comics. Its been going for over two years now and has a really rich style and palette. Check it out if you like your RPG webcomics heavy on the action.

courtesy of guilded age

Finally, a classic, Dork Tower. Like so many John Kovalic fans, my first introduction to his minimalist, but hilarious style was the Steve Jackson game Munchkin. This particular strip was brought to my attention by Sea of Stars and has a lot to do with how far D&D and RPGs in general have gained more acceptance over the years. The strips were printed 15 years apart. How’s that for a back catalogue!

courtesy of Dork Tower

I hope you found a new favorite here, or maybe reminded to keep up with comics you haven’t visited in a while. Thanks for reading, and support RPG webcomics!

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