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NaGa DeMon – Fog of War – Massive Battle System

November 30, 2011

NaGa DeMon (National Game Design Month) is coming to a close. Deep in our underground gaming labs, the dwarves, gnomes, and pirates here at Skyland have been slaving away on our submission. Skyland Games presents: Fog of War!

Fog of War is a mini game that stands on its own, but has been used in our RPG campaigns as a massive battle resolution system. In our recently completed dwarven clan campaign, we marshaled an army of fellow dwarves against a huge undead horde invading from Thay. It is very customizable and could be adapted for use in just about any campaign. Our PCs acted as Generals, conferring a bonus based on our class to the unit we commanded. To play Fog of War requires at least two players, but is generally geared towards a Players vs. GM setup. Download the PDF and let us know what you think!

Click Above to download Fog of War!

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