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Pathfinder Society Midnight Mauler and SCARAB

December 19, 2011

Last night I was the second night of Pathfinder Society at Blitzkrieg Games in Asheville. It was special session in that Del Collins ran the special Midnight Mauler scenario, in which the Decemvirate themselves send the Pathfinders on a very delicate mission. This mission can only be run by 4-star GMs (venture captains who have run at least 100 society tables) so it was a rare treat. I won’t go in to all the details in case any of you play it in the future, but it was a really well written scenario that featured some great faction missions, and a really cool chase/fight mechanic at the end, which to me was far superior to the typical 4e skill challenge.

The chase was represented by a series of boxes with arrows between them, representing the different challenges the Pathfinders needed to overcome to advance to the next square. Each box had two skills with different DCs that represented an obstacle. In the first one, you could either bash thru the swinging door with a Combat Maneuver roll, or climb the wall with a Climb check at a known DC that was on the sheet. Much like evaluating obstacles in your path, you could choose which route you wanted to take, and make a roll. If you failed by five or more you went back a square, if you failed by less than 5 you remained in that square, if you succeeded you moved on to the next challenge. Heroes moved in initiative order, and each attempt counted as a move action, meaning you could double-move, and if you made both checks, your Pathfinder would start to catch up with the target. Ranged weapons could be deployed if you were a square or two away, depending on the maximum range of your weapon. Each square represented 30 feet. It was a really exciting conclusion to the session, and worth looking at implementing into a homebrew game.

Del ran a great table, and despite having seven players at the table, he kept the action moving along nicely. He also had some stuff from sponsors to give away, including a massive d20 for all the players, and a copy of Prince of Wolves, a Pathfinder Tales book by Dave Gross. Who doesn’t like free stuff? He also mentioned that he runs SCARAB, the South Carolina Area Roleplayers and Boardgamers. Their 2nd annual convention is coming up! If you live anywhere near the Columbia, South Carolina area I would recommend attending. It sounds like its going to be a blast!

If you like RPGs and have never tried organized play, do yourself a favor and find the nearest Pathfinder Society game. Its an awesome experience!

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