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RPG SuperStar 5 – Round 1 – Wondrous Item

December 27, 2011

While this isn’t brand new news as entries have been accepted since December 6th, the deadline for submissions to Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2012 is fast approaching. The first round is to submit a new Wondrous Item, such as a bag of holding, a portable hole, or a rod of wonder, but you know, new and different. Scanning the list of wondrous items on Scry, designing a new and original item is a pretty daunting prospect. Not only does it have to be new and different, its got to be cool enough to vote for.

Once the judges have narrowed down all the applicants to a list of 32 submissions, authors of those items are tasked with creating an original organization within Golarion. The public will then vote for their favorites, and the top 16 will be charged with creating a new monster with stat block. The top 8 will then design an encounter map, and the top 4 will submit a Pathfinder adventure proposal. The grand prize is a paid commission for a 32-page Pathfinder adventure to be printed by Paizo. The 3 runner-ups get a paid commission to write a 16-page Pathfinder Society module.

Skyland Games will definitely be participating in this year’s event. From what I understand the competition is fierce, and it’s doubtful we will even get in the round of 32, but if you don’t play, you don’t win! We’re looking forward to seeing what the other participants cook up, and can’t wait to see the brackets progress down to the final winners.

Submissions are due by January 6th. Give it a try! If we don’t get in, maybe we’ll be voting for your entry!

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