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Gnollhunt – Expert DM Competition

December 28, 2011

Skyland Games submitted an entry to the most recent WotC Expert DM Competition with the appropriate theme of ‘Create a Holiday.’ Steve, who you may remember for his 4e Christmas Carol, came up with Gnollhunt. He did an awesome job detailing all the particulars for the holiday and provided some awesome hooks for incorporating it into your next adventure in Faerun, or where ever your party ventures.

Unfortunately the deadline for submissions was Dec. 23rd, but you can check out past competitions and participate in future ones on the WotC Community Expert Dungeon Master Competition Group (XDMC). You’ll find a host of resources for both novice and expert DMs on their community page. Check out the archive for a quick run down of previous competitions.

On another note, the Skyland Games crew is ready to set sail on the 2nd chapter of their pirate adventures. We’ve had to postpone it a number of weeks due to extenuating circumstances, but tonight, we sail! I will be DMing my recent 4e conversion of B4 – The Lost City. Rather than being under the dunes, this forgotten temple is underwater. I tried to maintain as many of the original elements of the old adventure, and for the most part, found it pretty easy. It may not be so easy on the PCs. We’ll see after tonight.

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