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Board Game Kickstarter Roundup

February 13, 2012

It’s board game week on Skyland Games. We’ll be dusting off some old favorites from the game closet, and maybe looking at some newer games. First up, games that don’t exist yet. Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites have revolutionized the gaming industry; both video and board. The recent smash success of Double Fine Adventure has brought another round of stories about how kickstarter is breaking down the barriers between those with the ideas, and customers who want their products. Since board games and video games are sort of lumped together on kickstarter, a lot of indie games are gaining a “halo effect” of backers from some of the bigger projects.

First up, Agents of Smersh. If you’ve ever played Top Secret, or if you’re a fan of the Bond films or probably more appropriately Archer, this board game will be right up your alley. Featuring cooperative gameplay and 1500 written encounters, players become secret spies and work together to defeat SMERSH with plenty of spy gadgets and a little bit of gambling. With so much work going in to the content of this game, it looks as though it would have a lot of variety and replay value. If you’re a fan of the cold-war era 70s spy genre, this is the game for you! $50 will get you a copy of the game.

Next, JammerUp! JammerUp is a roller derby board game. I’ve gone to several derby bouts featuring our home town Blue Ridge Rollergirls, and while the live action can be frenetic and look chaotic, a lot of the game is strategy and positioning, so I could see how it could make a really fun board game. At $80 they include little pewter derby minis which would be pretty cool if painted up with team colors. $25 will get you the basic game. With all the derby teams sprouting up across the country, I would be surprised if this didn’t reach its goal. Even if you aren’t familiar with roller derby, the mechanics behind derby and likely the board game version, would make for a fun game night.

Finally, Police Precinct; a cooperative game in which players work together to solve a murder. Players must deal with other emergencies and street criminals that complicates the investigation. One of the players plays a corrupt cop to add another wrinkle to gameplay. If the players playing the good cops convict the murderer before any “fail conditions” are met, they win! Looks like a fun twist on the classic game Clue. They just brought on the same artist from Agents of Smersh, so the art should be of similar caliber. $45 will get you a copy of the game.

Hope you enjoyed these kickstarters. They all look like promising games that are worthy of your support. Tomorrow we’ll be doing a retro-review of one of our favorite games.

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