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Wits & Wagers – Review

February 14, 2012

In our second installment of board game week here on Skyland Games we’ll take a look at one of my favorite games of all time: Wits & Wagers. This game is a fun combination of strategy and estimation. It can be played with a few as 3 people, but it’s really better with 6 or 7. Game play is easy to learn and can be a great party game, either with teams or just onlookers offering their educated (or not!) guesses.

Here is how you play: A question is read with a numerical answer. Usually something so obscure that very few people would know the correct number. (In what year was the channel VH1 launched? In 2004, how many SUVs were sold in the US?) Players write down their guess on a whiteboard of the color that corresponds with their wager chips. Guesses are arranged on the board with the median guess in the middle, higher and lower guesses towards the edges. The further outlying the guess is from the middle, the more it pays out if that is the correct answer.

Here comes the strategy: Players are given two wager markers to place on a guess, but you don’t have to bet on your guess. If you know the answer you could write it, then place all your money on your card, but if it’s the median answer the payout is low. If the question is about a topic about which you have no knowledge, you can place one bet on one guess, another on a different guess. If you get really wily, if you know the answer you could put something very wrong on your card, to try and get the right answer towards one of the better payouts towards the edge of the board. If you play it straight, you’ll probably lose. It doesn’t matter how many questions you get right, but how many chips you get from betting big!

If you’re looking for a great party game, this is it. It comes with 700 questions, but if you run out of those there is an expansion pack has 700 more! It plays fast and is a lot of fun.

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