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Descent – Deep Dungeon Delves

February 16, 2012

Descent: Journeys in the Dark is a great way to get your dungeon delving fix. Works great for nights when you’re missing a player from your regular RPG group, or just want to try something a bit different. Descent has the typical RPG setup of a game master or ‘Overlord’ and a group of player characters or ‘Heroes’. The Overlord controls all the traps and monsters in the dungeon, the Heroes control their characters and try and complete the objectives and gather tons of loot. Unlike D&D or other traditional RPGs, the Overlord actually is out to get you. If the Overlord kills enough Heroes, he wins.

There are two ways to play Descent: as a one-shot or a campaign. If you play it as a one shot your characters will get pretty powerful and find better loot as the game progresses, but once you’re done with that scenario you can’t bring your character and all his awesome stuff to the next adventure. If you play the campaign version, character progression takes a bit longer, but you can watch your hero go from a n00b to an epic champion.

The game itself comes with tons of figures, tokens, cards, chambers, doors and halls, One complaint that some may have is the learning curve on this game is a bit steep, and not really for the casual boardgamer. The setup is elaborate, and the rules very detailed. It may take a few times playing before everyone at the table is completely familiar with all the rules. With twenty heroes and plenty of scenarios to choose from, Descent has a very high replay value. If you just can’t get enough, several expansions have been released with new monsters, map tiles, and items.

I’ve only gotten a chance to play it once, but the whole table had a good time. I would recommend it for RPG fans who want the classic delve experience, with a twist.

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