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Zombie Dice – Review

February 20, 2012

Sometimes you just want to roll some dice. And eat brains. Wait, what? Zombie Dice is one of those rare games that is cheap, easy, fun, portable and plays fast. It’s great to throw in your backpack you’re taking to Humungo-Con or whatever your big convention of choice may be. You can play it while you’re waiting in line to get in to some panel with Wil Wheaton or some such. It’s made by Steve Jackson Games of Munchkin fame, and at an MSRP of $13.13, it won’t break the bank.

The game is fairly simple. Instead of the typical “survive the zombie apocalypse” scenario, Zombie Dice makes you the zombie. You roll three dice at a time, randomly selected from the dice cup. The dice have three different images on them: Brains (Yum!), Footprints (The humans escaped!), and Shotgun Blasts (Ow! Avoid these).

If you roll a brain, set that die aside. Each brain represents one point. If you roll footprints you reroll that die next round. If you roll a shotgun blast, set that aside as well. If you roll three shotgun blasts, you lose the points you’ve accumulated from that round and pass the dice cup to the next player. You can choose to stop rolling at any time. I think officially, the first to 13 wins, but you can set whatever number you want.

The twist is that not all the dice are created equal. The dice come in three different colors, representing threat level. Green dice only have one shotgun blast, two footprints and three brains. Yellow dice have two of each. Red dice have three shotgun blasts, two footprints and one brain. Knowing this can influence your decision to continue rolling, or pass the cup and bank the brains you’ve already collected.

I personally have never been able to go one complete round and get brains on all dice before rolling 3 shotguns. It seems to me if you are able to make it, you should win outright. That’s just a Skyland Games house-rule, though. Zombie Dice is great fun! Give it a try if you want to play something light and easy! Still not convinced? Try the free iPhone App. It’s the same mechanics, but only one player. Steve Jackson Games also offers a .99 cent version that allows multiplayer and some other features.

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