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March Forth for GMs on March 4th!

February 27, 2012

March 4th is GameMaster’s day. If you are fortunate enough to have a regular game, with a regular GM, make sure to let them know you appreciate them. It’s a day to recognize the extra effort and time it takes your GM to prepare an awesome game for their players. It’s also (eerily) the day that Gary Gygax passed away. So honor your local GM and the ultimate DM by making sure that they know you appreciate them for what they do. If your game doesn’t meet on sunday, make it a point to celebrate either this week or next.

Here are a few suggestions to show you appreciate your GM:

Run a game for them. Maybe play your regular RPG system, maybe something you know your GM wants to play, but hasn’t had the chance yet. Marvel Heroes, anyone? A lot of GMs are really good players who would play a lot more if they weren’t such awesome GMs.

Get something awesome for them! A lot of GMs have amazon wishlists, or paizo wishlists. If you’re not sure, ask! Most GMs spend not only a lot of time, but a lot of money on books, minis, maps, and other game aides that make your game as awesome as it is. Show your appreciation by chipping in!

If you’re reading this and YOU are the regular GM for your game, it can be a delicate business bring this up with your players. You can always encourage your players to check out Skyland Games, and maybe they’ll get the hint, but why leave anything to chance. Just bring it up at the next game, and suggest what you would like to do to celebrate. Maybe it will be to just have the night off to have a bad movie night, or a board game night.

Whatever you do, march forth on March 4th (or whatever your closest game day is) and celebrate GMs everywhere!

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