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Zombies!!! – Game Night Blog Carnival

February 28, 2012

For any fan of the Zombie genre, the setup for this is classic. Survivors standing back to back, surrounded by a horde of zombies in a town. Do they stick together, or do they split up? Where do they find supplies needed to survive?

Zombies!!! is a classic zombie survival game for 2-6 players. The object of the game is to be the first player to slay 25 zombies, or the first one to the helicopter pad. Players start out with 3 hearts and 3 bullets, as well as 3 cards that have different effects.

A typical turn goes something like this: Draw a map tile from the pile (Helicopter tile is always on the bottom), place the map tile in a way that makes sense; No roads to nowhere or buildings with no roads leading to them. Place as many zombies on that tile as there are roads leading off the tile, or if it’s a building, place as many hearts, bullets, and zombies as it says on the tile. Draw a card if you don’t have 3 in your hand already. Roll a die to see how far you move. If you move into a space with a zombie in it, it’s combat time!

Combat is super simple. Rolls of 4, 5, or 6 defeat a zombie. You can add +1 to your roll for each bullet you spend. If you are out, or don’t want to spend the bullets you spend a heart instead, and roll again. Once you’re out of hearts, you go back to start with 3 hearts and 3 bullets to try your luck again. More bullets and hearts can be found in buildings like the hospital, fire station, and sports equipment stores.

At the end of the turn, the player rolls the die again to see how many zombies move one square. Roll a 5? Move 5 zombies one square. This can aid you and hinder your opponents as you create a wall of zombies in their path. On the other hand, if they’re well armed, they will be well on the way to victory with some good rolls.

images from Board Game Geek

The cards each player has in their hand can seriously affect game play. For instance, as one player was racing to the helicopter once it was revealed, I had a card in my hand that sent her all the way back to start. Other cards can give you a bonus to movement or fighting, or can cause your opponents to wander off into a pack of zombies.

With Zombies!!! you pretty much know what you’re getting into, but it has enough variety in the randomness of the map and cards to give it a high replay value. The art on the cards is also really thematically cool, without trying to be gross-out graphic. If you like survival horror, this is a light and accessible game, that just about anybody can get into.

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