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Kickstarter – A Backer’s Report Card

March 5, 2012

Courtesy of Nevermet Press

I’ve been backing kickstarter projects since May of last year. In the interest of our RPG Blog Carnival topic, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing RPGs, I wanted to take an inventory of my experiences with donating to projects and share my view into the world of crowdfunding through the projects I’ve backed on kickstarter. Not all the projects I’ve backed have been RPGs, but the majority have been gaming related. There are usually some great projects in the games section, from board games, decks of cards, dice, gaming supplements, and even brand new RPG systems.

Let’s take a look at my kickstarter stats:

projects backed: 18
funded: 16
failed: 2
pending: 0
recieved: 7
waiting: 9

avg backing: $24.07

Overall, my experiences have been very positive. There are exceptions of course. I’ve seen manufacturing delays on some projects that made them take a lot longer than expected, and two others I don’t think I’ll ever even see the PDF of, let alone a physical book. Despite that, most experiences I’ve had are excellent. The project meets or exceeds the goals, the end product is usually pretty awesome, and delivered in a reasonable amount of time. The best part is a lot of the projects likely wouldn’t have had a chance through traditional channels, but because they found an audience and had a compelling pitch, cool stuff gets a chance to be made and enjoyed by people who believe in the idea.

I would recommend using kickstarter to find cool independent projects for a variety of interests, but most certainly games. It doesn’t require a huge investment, and you get to help some creative person’s dreams come true! Have you backed kickstarter games before? Have you pitched one? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

We’ve got a few more articles planned for this month, including an interview about kickstarter and Open Design with a certain Kobold-in-Chief!

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