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News and Notes

April 30, 2012

It’s been an eventful week over at WotC. The playtest of DnDnext is officially rolling out on May 24th. This news comes on the heels of Monte Cook’s decision to leave the design team. I’m very interested to see what the boys come up with, but fear the almost inevitable nerd-rage war that will ensue. WotC has been a bit more open about their design process and goals than in previous editions, and hopefully this playtest period will provide them with valuable feedback to help make DnDnext be the best it can be.

While we’re waiting, why not check out our review of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG featured prominently on the game’s core rulebook page! I’m in the process of writing my own 0-Level character funnel. We’ll playtest it, send it over to Goodman Games for review, and if it’s passes muster, we might just release it for gamers eager to put their 0-Level peasants to the test! It’s likely that this wizard’s tower from the very talented HB Kerr will feature prominently.

GeekOut 2012 will soon be upon us! If you live in the Asheville area and love games, comics, anime, and awesome geeky stuff, check out the schedule and come on down! The event is free and there will be plenty of panels, events and tabletop gaming. If you haven’t registered for your game yet, get on over to warhorn and sign up!

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