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GeekOut 2012 – Game ON!

May 11, 2012

The Asheville gaming community is buzzing with excitement about the awesome day of gaming at GeekOut 2012! If you live anywhere near the Asheville area, and you haven’t signed up for games at the warhorn, what are you waiting for?! IT’S TOMORROW!

My gold-foil copy of DCCRPG showed up on my doorstep just in the nick of time. I’ll be running Portal to the Stars for both the 10AM slot, and the 6PM slot. I’ve got other adventures too, so I could be persuaded to let you in to the Tower of Crowan the Conjurer (RIP Pamela), or we could try the freshly arrived Doom of the Savage Kings! It’s all DCCRPG, so it’s all awesome.

Other things going on at the GeekOut include board games presented by the Wyvern’s Tale, plenty of Pathfinder Society including special scenarios run by 5-star Venture Captain Del Collins II, tons of panels, costumes, geek trivia, and a zombie prom! What more could you want? Check out the full schedule here.

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