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DnDnext Playtest Begins! Downloading Trouble?

May 24, 2012

Today is the day! I was very excited to receive an email from WotC this morning officially inviting me to the playtest. I filled out their form with my name and email, agreed to the terms and conditions, and was told I would receive a download link in 30-60 minutes. One extended coffee break later, and the download email arrived. Clicking on the download link just brought me to wizards.custhelp.com instead of downloading anything. A few of us early risers were puzzled by this, until Superman2489 pointed out that if you search for DnDnext Playtest Documents on the wizards.custhelp.com page, the download link comes right up.

Update: Apparently the first links sent out were corrupted, and the issue should be fixed by now. Also, if you’re email address for DDI is different than the email address you signed up with, it can cause issues downloading it.

According to the NDA (Yep, even us public playtesters have to agree to a non-disclosure agreement) I can’t quote excerpts from the documents, but I can talk about my experience with the playtest. I just wanted to provide this download tip in case other playtesters are having similar trouble.

The four classic classes are represented, as well as the four most popular PC races. Included is an adaptation of the classic Gary Gygax adventure B2-Keep on the Borderlands called Caves of Chaos, as well as a Bestiary (not monster manual, interesting), DM guidelines, and a brief quickstart guide called How to Play. According to the letter from Mike Mearls (Chief of DnD Research and Development) this is just the first round, and there will be more to follow. There are a lot of familiar mechanics, as well as some twists on old favorites. I wish I could go in to detail, but it’s all very hush hush for the moment.

Once we get the group together and all sign-up (all players and the DM must sign-up before playing according to the Terms and conditions), we’ll let you know about our experience here! Hopefully we won’t get in any hot water, but it’s tough to talk about the experience without talking about the mechanics. We’ll have to see how others navigate these tricky waters.

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