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Going Greenville

July 9, 2012

As much as we love Wyvern’s Tale and the Asheville gaming scene, sometimes we at Skyland Games just want to broaden our horizons and check out what is going on in nearby areas.  Since some of us at Skyland Games live fairly close to Greenville, South Carolina, I decided to go exploring and find out what they had to offer.

First off, I found Borderlands, a comic book and game shop on Laurens Road.  When I pulled up to the store it did not look like much, but as soon as I went inside it opened up into a large space.  On the right was an impressive selection of comic books, graphic novels and other comic related loot.  On the left was a gaming section filled with RPGs and an enormous amount of war gaming and tabletop miniatures.  They also had a good amount of readily available and easily accessible gaming space in the rear of the store.

But a good inventory and space for gaming was only part of what I was searching for.  I also looked for excellent customer service which Borderlands definitely had.  The staff was friendly, talkative and knew their inventory.  The other thing that impressed me was that the staff knew their customers, quite a few by name.  That let me know that they care about what they were doing and not the customer’s dollar.

Next, I visited Boardwalk near Haywood Mall.  From what I understood was that they used to actually be inside the mall and moved to this more easily accessible space.  This was a much smaller store packed with board games, dice games, card games and RPGs.  There were games for every type of genre (sometimes two) and if you could not find a game there, you simply were not looking hard enough.  They had several tables in the rear of the store that would be good for smaller games, but would not be able to accommodate large numbers of gamers at one time.

As with Borderlands, the staff at Boardwalk impressed me.  They were demonstrating a game at the front for a couple.  They were also friendly and inviting and made the experience in their store very enjoyable.  They also seemed to be very active with updates on Facebook and with local events and tournaments. (They held one this past weekend at the Phoenix Inn.)

All in all from what I have seen from Borderlands and Boardwalk is that I highly recommend them both.  It is always refreshing to find well stocked stores with friendly customer service and let them know I’ll be back soon.

(How were your experiences with these two stores?  Do you have a different opinion of them?  Let me know!)

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