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July 29, 2012

I did it. I ordered Sailors on the Starless Sea, The People of the Pit, and the Emerald Enchanter. They do love some alliteration over at Goodman Games, but that’s in-line with the old-school feel of the system. I’ve read through all of them at this point and I can say they are worth every penny. Weighing in at 16 pages, at first glance they don’t appear terribly long for being $10 a pop.

My concerns quickly evaporated once I got in to reading the adventures and flipping back and forth from the text to Doug Kovacs incredible maps and illustrations. These adventures are dark, deadly, and deep (Sorry, I got in to the alliterative spirit there!) and will provide hours of awesome gritty adventure for the Skyland Games crew. The pirates are on a bit of a hiatus since one of the crew got called out of state for a few weeks, so we should be able to find the time to get in to at least one of these. Now the problem is choosing which one!

I won’t provide any kind of spoilers on here about the adventures themselves, but just like Pathfinder Society mods, the cover is a big clue to what will be going on in the module. Each one has a very cool concept, and I think I’ll be adding the others to my collection. It looks like Jewel of the Carnifex is out now and appears to be a 24 page module for the same price! After seeing what they can do with 16 pages, I imagine the 24 pages will be chock full of deadly, awesome material. In fact, it looks like all the forthcoming higher level adventures will be at the 24 page count rather than 16. The modules also have awesome black and white art throughout, just as the main core rulebook does. I know some DMs don’t approve of pre-written content, thinking that the best adventure comes from your own imagination. I’m all for that, but I don’t mind borrowing the imaginations of Harley Stroh and Joseph Goodman from time to time; especially when the adventures are as awesome as these! My one criticism is that they don’t provide a lot of context or adventure hooks at the beginning, particularly in Sailors of the Starless Sea, and they don’t link together very smoothly. That’s OK though, I’d much rather have new spells, items, and creatures. I’ll handle the segues between sessions.

Keep up the great work, Goodman Games! You certainly have this game master hooked!

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