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Pathfinder Pregens, Part 2

January 14, 2013


In the second installment of our ongoing Pathfinder Society pre-generated characters series we present the Dwarves of the Fireaxe Clan. While not truly a full-fledged clan, these dwarves have banded together because of racial pride and their love of greataxes.  Led by a freedom loving barbarian, the clan consists of his brother, a trapsmith, a desert dwarf skilled in both the arcane and martial, a fiery cleric of Angradd and an old dwarven ranger.

Ergoss Fireaxe
Male Dwarf Andoran Barbarian (Armored Hulk)
A battlerager of sorts, Ergoss Fireaxe has learned to tap into his rage and unleash it upon his unsuspecting foes.  While wearing the heaviest of armors, he swings his greataxe in arcs of destruction to help free the oppressed and enslaved under the direction of Major Colson of the Andorans.

Dergak Fireaxe
Male Dwarf Sczarni Rogue (Trapsmith)
Dergak Fireaxe seems to be very different than his brother, Ergoss.  Whereas Ergoss is brave and daring, Dergak is reserved and calculating.  At an early age Dergak was fascinated with traps, whether it was building or disarming them, and how they worked.  Renowned for his gold sniffing nose, he has found a particularly useful niche with the Sczarni and their devious machinations.

dwarf_by_tsailanza-d2yc48lGundra Sandstone
Female Dwarf Osirion Magus (Kensai)
The beautiful (for a dwarf) and enigmatic Gundra Sandstone hails from beyond the desert.  Drawing on her Osirion connections, she has learned to combine her prowess with her greataxe with powerful arcane might.

Borgun Trueflame
Male Dwarf Silver Crusade Cleric
As an ardent follower of Angradd, Borgun Trueflame has brought to bear his mighty greataxe for the causes of righteousness and the Silver Crusade. Bringing forth flame and fury, he is ready at a moment’s notice to dispatch any evil he encounters.

Male Dwarf Shadow Lodge Ranger (Deep Walker)
The aging brooding dwarf known only as Deeprock is sort of an enigma to the rest of the clan. The white bearded dwarf has spent so much time in dungeons and underground caverns and he has only recently come to the Pathfinder Society and found friends in the secretive Shadow Lodge.

Download them all and raise your axes and your voices in a dwarven battle cry! Check out our other downloads as well.

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