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RPG Kickstarter Roundup 2013 edition

January 28, 2013

Here are a few noteworthy RPG related kickstarters that are going on right now. Some expire soon, so check them out while you can still get the goods!

TnTmap_largeFirst up, Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls! T&T has been around just about as long an Role-playing games themselves. Flying Buffalo has assembled an all-star team for a new edition of a classic. They have already smashed the original funding goal, and the stretch goals are being rapidly achieved.

There are some really cool rewards and options offered on this one, including a map of TrollWorld, coins of the realm, and what looks to be a very useful easel binder. Flying Buffalo has wisely included several pledge levels for any budget and provide for PDF, softcover, and hardcover versions of the core rulebook. At this point they’ve tacked on a few bonus solitaire adventure PDFs. As of this writing they are getting close to the GM screen stretch goal, with a little over a week remaining.

FATE_largeNext up, FATE Core. Evil Hat productions is winding down a very successful kickstarter, and you only have about a day left to get in on this one. Known for their use of fudge dice, and adaptation of the Dresden Files world, FATE has quickly become one of the more popular “rules-light” RPG systems in the last decade. The text for the update is almost entirely complete. In fact, once you have pledged, you get immediate access to the draft (sans-art) and a bunch of other preview PDFs of other supplements that have been unlocked. The original funding goal for this project was a measly $3000. As of this writing it has gone well past $377,000. You read that right. They are offering a ton of different books and options, and have done a really great job on trying to make sense of all their different pledge levels with some really creative graphics. The last stretch goal listed is Dresden Files Accelerated! I haven’t found time to play Dresden Files myself, but I have only heard good things. Get on this one while the getting is good!

cortexFinally, the Cortex Plus hackers guide, from Margaret Weis Productions. Based off of the very flexible Cortex Plus system, most notably used in RPG adaptations of Leverage and Smallville, the hackers guide is an idea book filled with essays and worlds that utilize the cortex system for any genre you can imagine. Featuring some of the guys from critical-hits.com (who have been heavily involved with the Marvel Heroic RPG also from Margaret Weis), the hackers guide should give you all the inspiration you can handle for getting the most out of the cortex plus system, for any world. You’ve got a few days on this one, and with lots of options for PDF and printed material there are lots of ways show your support!

Thats it for now. Support RPGs, and good gaming to you!

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