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Pathfinder Society Pregens #3 – Riders of Absalom

February 11, 2013
Courtesy of Brytenwalda

Courtesy of Brytenwalda

In this third installment of the Pathfinder Society series of pregenerated characters we present the Riders of Absalom.  These characters are a sort of rapid response team of Pathfinders who all ride in the name of the Society.  As always, our goal is to provide a balanced party of characters with a common theme that can be used to complete a legal Pathfinder Society Oraganized Play table.  Below are the Riders’ personalities with their character sheets in the Downloads section.

Grundor Flamewalker (Male Half-Orc Druid)

Hailing from the treacherous and demanding deserts of Osirion, Grundor is a tough half-orc capable of conjuring natural magic.  Riding his camel companion Yabla, he has been known to charge recklessly into battle with his scimitar raised high and a battle cry on his tongue.

Charissis Varyton (Female Half-Elf Cavalier)

Vain and proud, the Varisian Sczarni beauty Charissis cares nothing but for herself and gold to be made as a Pathfinder while riding her loyal steed Chaos.

Nuddlin Bluebrow (Male Gnome Summoner)                                                         

A fun loving blue-haired gnome, Nuddlin joined the Pathfinder Society for the fun and sport of it. Riding his mystical giant toad Gaidis, he happily runs errands for Valsin and the Grand Lodge.

Zaria Farrisun (Female Human Ranger)                                                                  

As a messenger and scout for the Andoran army in the wilderness, Zaria rides her steed Wildflower hard and fast.  Carefree and somewhat flighty, she still manages to live up to her responsibilities and fight for freedom and democracy.

Chun Cho Chun (Male Human Monk)                                                                

Quiet and meditative, Chun Cho has enjoyed his travels through lands beyond his homeland.  He has now joined the Pathfinder Society as a representative of the Lantern Lodge so that he may learn more of the world.

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