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DCCRPG Road Crew

March 6, 2013

WorldTourSmallIt is no secret I am a big fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Recently, Goodman Games has launched the DCCRPG World Tour which is a schedule of cons in which you can try DCC for yourself at a gaming convention near you. Simultaneously, they launched the Road Crew program, which rewards GMs for organizing games at their Friendly Local Gaming Store.

Since I have collected all the modules I was eager to put them to good use on new players. Luckily we have a really accomodating FLGS with excellent gaming space in The Wyvern’s Tale. For those interested in the Western North Carolina area, I’m running games every Sunday from 3pm-7pm at the ‘Tale. To reserve your spot, be sure and sign up at the warhorn.

The first week was a bust. I just read about the program, talked to the guys at the ‘Tale, got the game posted, and sadly no one showed up. Since then, I talked it up amongst my gaming buddies, and made sure it was on the gaming schedule for anyone who was interested.

The second week was a little better. My swag box just arrived from Goodman Games, so I was armed with bookmarks, buttons, pens, and ribbons to hand out to potential players. I also took the liberty of creating table tents and had printed out plenty of character sheets. I had one guy sign up on the warhorn, who sadly couldn’t make it, but I did have a walk-up who was really excited to try it out, and immediately liked the old-school feel and loved the idea of rolling on tables for his character name, occupation, and title. Completely randomly, he was rewarded with a dwarven blacksmith named Mnar the Grand-Defiler! Not bad for letting the dice fall where they may. We waited for a bit, and I tried to talk it up with anyone else just hanging around the store, but couldn’t get anyone else to bite. We decided to run two 1st level PCs each, and got underway with #67 Sailors on the Starless Sea. The party consisted of a Gambler Fighter named Matsognir the Vindicator, a Urchin Cleric named Izdren the Pontiff, a ropemaker Thief not named anything at all (we just called him Nameless; he likes to keep a really low-profile. After a very bad disarm traps roll, he became Nameless the Nine-fingered), and of course, Mnar.

GameDayIn about 3 hours, we created his character, and got through about all the stuff on the surface of the keep (I won’t give away any module spoilers here). As we were descending the stairs to get below the keep, we were exploring the first room, and sadly my player had to go. He had a great time, and was telling his buddies all about his exploits (who were playing warhammer 40k in the other room). I loaded him down with free swag and made sure he kept his character sheet and table tent for next week. I plan on running week in and week out to try and expand the audience and awareness of the system.

The next big event at the Wyverns Tale is Tabletop day! There will be a ton of different games being played, and we’ll be streaming video to the web as part of the celebration of international tabletop day on March 30th. I, of course, will be running DCC. Look for me on the video stream!

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