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The Pathfinder Society Pregens #4 – The Absalom Skulk

March 12, 2013

Courtesy of Susan Van Camp CC

Courtesy of Susan Van Camp CC

Back in November of 2012 I received a Pathfinder Society boon that allowed me to create a character of the kitsune, nagaji or wayang races.  I went through many different builds of all three races and finally decided on a kitsune character.  But I decided that I did not want to play a roguish-type of character as that is not my strong suit as a player.  I chose a different route for my character, but I did not want to waste all of the ideas that I had.  As a result of my inability to make a decision, I present the fourth installment of Pathfinder Society pregens called the Absalom Skulk.  Yes, I know the chances are nigh impossible that enough people will have kitsune boons to make a table such as this, but we can all dream, can’t we?

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Fauho Hellfox : M Kitsune Cheliax Gunslinger (Gun Tank/Pistolero)

The scarlet furred Fauho Hellfox is a serious kitsune with a serious mission; to quell chaos in Golarion in the name of his adopted homeland, Cheliax.  He has been training to become a heavily armored Hellknight for some time and even has started to hunt lawbreakers on his own.  It was on one of these hunts that he claimed a gun powder pistol from a villain and has since mastered its use to become a crack shot.

Llwyn Foxpaw : F Kitsune Sczarni Rogue (Kitsune Trickster)

As master of disguise, Llwyn Foxpaw uses her innate abilities to gather information for the use of the Pathfinder Society and herself.  Fast becoming a major information broker in the style of Grand Master Torch, she uses her own Sczarni contacts to add to her already considerable knowledge.  She relishes in the thought of knowing information that others must have (or not yet know they must have).

Whiskers and Boxie : M Kitsune Grand Lodge Witch (White Haired Witch)

Whiskers is a bizarre specimen of kitsune.  If you can overlook his strange relationship with his pet turtle Boxie (whom he converses with constantly) and his two, bushy red tails, you would swear that his thick, black whiskers move unnaturally, almost with a life of their own.  He has been assigned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom to keep him out of trouble.

Vos Bushtail : M Kitsune Silver Crusade Cleric (Separatist)

A true believer in Sarenrae, Vos Bushtail has divined that she is the one and true god and rejects all others.  He believes that she is present in both the sun and the moon and watches over all her children from up high.  As a messenger of her glory and goodness, he has aligned himself with others of the Silver Crusade to bring new teachings to the Pathfinder Society and all of Golarion.

Vixara the Blade : F Kitsune Lantern Lodge Samurai (Sword Saint)

A rare master of the blade, Vixara grew up in the rocky hills of an Eastern Land perfecting her craft in solitude.  A she was unable to keep a master and so joined the Pathfinder Society so that she could travel the world, plying her talents for the Lantern Lodge.

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