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Bombshells in Miniature

April 1, 2013

While we all wait for Reapermas to arrive, another company has already delivered their new line… and it’s the bomb (as the kids say).

Bombshell Miniatures has started delivery of Bombshell Babes, a set of more than 24 miniatures of “strong iconic female characters from various genres.” Samurai, cave girls, modern doctor, steampunkers, rocket girls, pirates… something for everyone. Sculpted by Patrick Keith, the concepts come from a veritable Who’s Who in gaming miniature design including Tim Collier, Robert Cirillo, Keri Ruediger, Matt Dixon and more.

Bombshell Miniatures

Tetsu Ko, Dr. Helen Salinger and Wu Ling Shu… three new releases from Bombshell Miniatures.

My two choices were Wu Ling Shu, a Asian swordswoman that I will paint up and use in our local Pathfinder Society games as my Ninja/Cleric and Tetsu Ko, a samurai. As part of my level of funding, I received a nice postcard set of all the concept art and I also received a third figure, Dr. Helen Salinger. Another bonus (a stretch goal) was the inclusion with every figure of inserts for their round bases. I love the bases, but… I’ll be using a standard square base since the round bases provided are just a tiny bit wider than one inch, and wouldn’t play well with other figures.

This is one of those Kickstarters where I really wish I had pledged more. I’m definitely not going to make that mistake with the new Dwarven Forge offering…

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