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Thundersmoke – Pathfinder Gunslingers

May 13, 2013
From the Gunslingers Handbook

From the Gunslingers Handbook


Gunslinger.  The word has caused many a game master and player to roll their eyes and scoff.  But why?  Is it because some think that they don’t belong in a world of high fantasy?  Is it because GMs think they are entirely overpowered?  Or is it because GMs don’t understand the actual mechanics of early firearms?  Maybe because both GM and PC alike have seen terrible, terrible ‘cheese’ involving dual wielding double barreled pistols attached to leather straps?  Whatever the reason, gunslingers may be looked down upon by some, but they are here and here to stay.  I, for one, am glad.

I am partial to these fleshy artillery pieces since my first Pathfinder Society character is a gunslinger.  Granted I have had to really learn how to play Sir Danaris Redfeather, Knight Captain effectively but I think it is one of the more interesting classes available.  Having said that, I think that you need to give the character a personality and not treat them purely like a means to shoot firearms.  For example, Danaris was a young backwoods lad whose father trained him in the use of his musket.  After joining the Pathfinder Society, he was recruited by the Andoran military and became a marksman, a ranking officer and a knight.  As of the posting of this article, Danaris is a Gunslinger (Musket Master) 5 / Steel Falcon 5.  See how a developing backstory over a character’s levels can flesh out a character?

So keeping all of these points in mind I present this week’s Pathfinder Society pre-gen party – ThundersmokeLike always there is a common link for all of the characters in the party and this week they are all gunslingers.  I know you are thinking that I am crazy to just provide a party of just one class and not include essential classes, but sometimes the challenge is part of the fun!  I also changed up the regular blurb format to include progression of feats and skills to a prestige class.

Now, without further delay, I present Thundersmoke:

1) Jase Heilgonne – LN Male Human Gunslinger (Gun Tank/Pistolero)

A stern lad from a stern family, Jase is uncompromising in his ideals of law and order. Finding his prized pistol after Hellknights suppressed an insurrection near his hometown in Cheliax, he set about to master its use. He favors heavy armor and shields and even carries a longsword, but he uses his pistol to stop lawlessness, cold.

Goal:  Hellknight at 5th Level

Progression:  Rapid Reload – Pistol (3), +1 Wisdom (4), Precise Shot (5)

2) Ilyade the Swift – CG Female Elf Gunslinger (Musket Master)

The beautiful and intelligent elven huntress known as Ilyade the Swift has long been a master of the bow, but came upon the difficult and loud musket by chance.  In the process of mastering this thundering, smoky contraption, she has now offered her tracking services and her intricately carved musket to the Grand Lodge in Absalom. If she happens upon any drow in the process, they won’t live long enough to regret entering her sights.

Goal:  Lantern Bearer at 5th Level

Progression:  Point Blank Shot (3), Precise Shot (4), +1 Wisdom (4), Bullseye Shot (5)

3) Ada Lilybottom – CN Female Halfling Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)

This jovial little halfling is just incredibly lucky. She was lucky to escape from slavers, now lucky to work for freedom fighters in Andoran and still lucky to find a small musket just her size. Amazing things just seem to go Ada’s way!

Goal:  Halfling Opportunist at 5th level

Progression:  Rapid Reload – Musket (3), Precise Shot (4), +1 Charisma (4), Defensive Combat Training (5)

4) Goron Axehead – NG Male Dwarf Gunslinger (Gun Tank)

Gruff, grumpy and occasionally self-serving, Goron walks a fine line between dictates of the church and his personal agendas. Having ‘procured’ a pistol from an underground source, he has declared open season on demons, devils and all matter of evil trash as part of his Silver Crusade.

Goal:  Low Templar at 5th Level

Progression:  Weapon Focus – Battleaxe (3), +1 Dexterity (4), Mounted Combat (5)

5) Hurga the Stout – N Male Half-Orc Gunslinger

Finding life in Osirion desert cities tough, Hurga traveled out into the desert where he encountered a sphinx.  The sphinx, finding him interesting and worthy, shared part of its treasure and knowledge with the young half-orc.  A certain device, a blunderbuss, caught Hurga’s eye and begged the sphinx to teach him how to use it. The sphinx agreed and, in exchange for service to the sphinx and the Ruby Prince, Hurga now knows the secrets of the blunderbuss and gunpowder.

Goal:  Living Monolith at 5th Level

Progression:  Endurance (3), Deadly Aim (4), +1 Dexterity (4), Iron Will (5)

6) Angliss Borbas – LN Male Half-Elf Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)

A vain and misguided half-elf from Taldor, Angliss has completely reversed his thinking about life and has embraced the philosophy of Kalistrades.  Now dedicated to acquiring wealth, he keeps his prized pistol close for those times when deals go wrong and he has to regulate.

Goal:  Prophet of Kalistrades at 5th Level

Progression:  Rapid Reload – Pistol (3), Rapid Shot (4), +1 Consitution (4), Deadly Aim (5)

  1. May 13, 2013 at 10:59 am

    I love stuff like this – and do know how early firearms work http://shortymonster.co.uk/?p=337 – but I still can’t claim to be fan of Pathfinder. The more I game these days, the less I like leveling up. Still, kick ass characters sir, and a bloody good read.

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