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DiceRings: More Precious Than Precious

May 20, 2013

I see some of the gaming-related projects on Kickstarter and think: well, there’s something that’s neat but useless… and to be honest, that was my first thought with DiceRings by CritSuccess. I am not a jewelry person, I have nothing pierced, I don’t wear rings or blings or diamond-covered things, so I watched the video and moved on. Until the next day when I watched it again. Something clicked the second time around. I figured it was worth the small investment to get one ring. It’d be a neat conversation piece at the next convention and if I sit with another idiot maybe I can distract him or her with the shiny. I was impressed with how quickly their project got funded and their stretch goals. By the end, they had 27 “dice rings” and 1 “life counter” to offer. I opted for the gold d20 ring and am amazed at the quality. And it came with a free picture of a Sizzard. Whatever that is. After a quick dip in soapy water to get rid of the grit from manufacturing it spins like a top. The gold is very unobtrusive. It looks just like a regular ring until you get in close. The darker ring probably makes the numbers on the spinning ring stand out more… so there’s an option if you want your ring to stand out.

This is what I love about Kickstarter. Here’s a couple of guys who have this awesome idea, and they share that idea with others, who then give them money, and they deliver a great product and open their own business. As of this post, the store on the website — CritSuccess — isn’t live. But when it is, I’m going to definitely be ordering another.


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