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Jewel of Yavin Review: Star Wars Edge of the Empire

June 18, 2014

Jewel of Yavin coverThe Jewel of Yavin is the latest adventure module for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. This is an awesome adventure set in Cloud City on Bespin (home of Lando Calrissian, as you may recall from the movies) and is a classic heist/caper in the vein of Ocean’s 11. It is meant for more experienced characters, as most of the challenges in this are more difficult than in Long Arm of the Hutt or Enter the Unknown, but could be an excellent follow up for those adventures.

Jewel of Yavin will not only be more challenging for the PCs, but it will be more challenging for GMs to prepare as well. While most of the other official material for Edge has been fairly linear in adventure style, this caters to more of a sandbox feel. Most of the adventure will be spent gathering information on the target and NPCs, exploring different areas of cloud city, assembling specialized gear, and preparing for the Cloud City Grand Prix. That is a big first act, and will likely take several sessions. The order of how the PCs want to go about this is entirely up to them, and how they pursue various leads or use different tactics for different problems present a ton of options for the PCs, and a good amount of prep work for the GM. The first act ends with what looks to be an epic Cloud Car race which will likely be very memorable.

The second act is the bidding gala and the heist itself, putting all the PCs preparation in to practice, and it offers a few excellent surprises along the way. This is in the adventure description so I don’t feel like I’m giving too much away by mentioning the goal is to not simply steal the jewel, but to drive up the price by schmoozing the bidders at the auction, then divert those credits and steal the money as well!

SWE09-CloudCarRace-TimothyBenZweifelThe third act is the escape, which of course has it’s own twists and turns, with far reaching consequences based on the party’s actions. I don’t want to give anything away, but I am a huge fan of this adventure! Hopefully Fantasy Flight will come out with at least one more adventure for Edge before devoting all their resources to Age of Rebellion, because these just keep getting better and better. I wouldn’t recommend this as a first adventure with Edge, because it is more complex and would suffer for not being familiar with the system for both players and GMs alike. Luckily, I’ve got two veteran groups lined up who are chomping at the bit to get this heist underway!

If you’re already a fan of Edge, I would definitely recommend buying this one. Just the rich background on Cloud City and it’s locales and creatures is awesome, but this type of caper is exactly where Edge shines: it’s okay to cheer on the thieves, slicers, and smugglers. The line between good and bad is truly blurred and allows for some really awesome role-playing.

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