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Occult Adventures Playtest Review – Day 1

November 10, 2014

Paizo is at it again! They have released a new set of playtest classes based on a theme not of the arcane or divine but of the occult. At first glance some of these classes are either overwhelming with lots of elements or very underwhelming with a lack of perceived spell power. Grab your free Playtest Document (Hurry! It ends November 25th) and every day this week we will delve into a different playtest class. First up is the Kineticist, so let’s start digging!

Kineticist Description: “Kineticists are living channels for elemental matter and energy, allowing them to manipulate the world around them by drawing upon inner reserves from their own bodies. Kineticists often awaken to their kinesis during a violent or traumatic experience, releasing their power involuntarily. As kinetic power is seldom simply passed from parent to child, kineticists are rarely able to find a mentor figure to help focus this raw power, so they must delve into the mystery on their own to learn to control their gifts.” – Occult Adventures Playtest

First Glance: Have you ever wanted to create a bender or martial artist from your favorite cartoon series? Well, here’s your chance!

Delving Deeper: By using your internal reserves of energy and accepting ‘burn’ (nonlethal damage), you can do some really spectacular things with your kinetic blasts. You can use wild talents to change your blasts into blades, cones or even clouds. They can also be shaped into defenses or allow you to fly. At higher levels you can focus squarely on your original element to make it more powerful or you can pick up a second element to combine the effects of those two to get entirely different results.

There are a couple of items you should definitely pay attention to; spell resistance and ranged attacks. Since kinetic blasts are spell-like abilities, they are subject to spell resistance, but some blasts have effects that specifically state that spell resistance does not apply. When choosing wild talents and infusions for your blasts, look at how you are to deliver that blast. There is a huge difference in your capability to hit when it is a ranged attack or a ranged touch attack. By carefully choosing feats, such as Point Blank Shot and Weapon Focus, you can offset some of the medium progression BAB and more effectively.

Since this class is so different and slightly more complex (12 pages long) than a normal class, it can be a bit overwhelming, but by carefully reading through the material you will find an interesting class. Also check out the Playtest Messageboard for the Kineticist. You will find clarifications on rules and even ideas on what you can do with this class.

Character Suggestions: Since the majority of Pathfinder is fantasy-based, we need a few ideas for those types of characters. A dwarven terrakineticist would be an outstanding character, especially since dwarves are closely attuned to the earth and the main ability score for kineticists is Constitution. A sylph aerokineticist could be very graceful and then use combinations of air for controlling the battlefield then electricity for damage-dealing. A human telekineticist is the perfect opportunity to play a true ‘psionic’ telekinetic, able to use their ‘powers of the mind’ for fine manipulation and also outright destruction.

4 out of 5 Rating: Power versatility and options give this class a high score, but complexity and lack of high BAB and skills may make this class a one-trick pony.

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