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Occult Adventures – Year of the Serpent Characters

August 11, 2015

In honor of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play’s new Year of the Serpent season and the Occult Adventures sourcebook (READ OUR REVIEW!), here are some snake-themed characters ready to download and play. Yes, Year of the Serpent refers to the Aspis Consortium, but would it not be interesting to showcase a race that does not get as much publicity as others and in a different way? All of these characters are nagaji and of a class from Occult Adventures with one archetype each. They may not be overly optimized, but they’ll be fun to play! Enjoy!

Here they are:

  • Ganjas Wataris – Hydrokineticist (Overwhelming Soul): Claiming the direct lineage of a water naga, she commands water as easily as other creatures breathe.
  • Kasile Ecdyss – Medium (Reanimated Medium): As a murdered ex-gladiator, he struggles to keep his (almost) lost spirit in check.
  • Cawbra – Mesmerist (Vexing Daredevil): Whether or not in battle, the sly and hypnotic Cawbra uses his snake-charming abilities less worthy creatures.
  • Spragor Greysnake – Occultist (Battle Host): Bonded with the ancient samurai armor of a great warrior, he feels compelled to continue in the footsteps of its previous owner.
  • Maraguar the Mutate – Psychic (Mutation Mind): After experimenting with chemicals infused with naga scales, he finds his mind and body reacting unpredictably to the aberrant psychic energies coursing through his blood.
  • Sakara – Spiritualist (Fractured Mind): Dedicated to his people, Sakora’s psyche seems to have split into two, constantly competing with itself to reach new heights and do the right thing.
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