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DnDonations 2 – Borderlands Boogaloo!

December 11, 2015

The Skyland Games crew is very excited to participate in this year’s event! If you missed out last year, D&Donations is an awesome 24 hour marathon D&D 5e game hosted by our FLGS, The Wyvern’s Tale. Just like last year, the entire event will be streaming on Twitch, complete with old school SSI gold-box-like theme! Just like year there will be boon and bane rolls to either help or hinder the party, but this year there will be a threat level depending on how many gamers are waiting to play! The longer the line, the deadlier the dungeon!

This year we will be saving the children from the caves of chaos in the classic Keep on the Borderlands! The set has leveled up in several departments, including a digital map and several awesome cameras. Skyland Games crew will start the DMing with Scott at 6pm Eastern tonight (December 11th)! Kevin will DM at 10am-2pm tomorrow. Tune in and donate for a great cause! If you are anywhere near Asheville, NC, come on down and play! For the Children!!!

More info: http://www.dndonations.org/

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