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ACE 2013 – Asheville Comic Expo Gaming

September 8, 2013 Comments off

flierround1It is nearly time! Join us at the 2nd Annual Asheville Comic Expo! Skyland Games is in charge of organizing the tabletop RPGs, and we’ve got some great tables this year! Check out the full schedule and guarantee your spot at the table by registering at our warhorn for the event.

Admission is $5 for all day, and kids 12 and under get in free!

The venue will be the same as last year in the expo space at the U.S. Cellular Center in downtown Asheville. The easiest parking is at the civic center parking deck, and the entrance to the Expo will be off Hiawassee St. on the North side of the center.

Sure you’ve read about Star Wars: Edge of the Empire here, well now is your chance to charge up your blaster and hit the hyperdrive! Maybe you’d like a more traditional dungeon delve, with a twist: check out Dungeon Crawl Classics. Like your Worlds nice and Savage? Try Slipstream, a sci-fi adventure world full of jetpacks and rayguns! Pathfinder more your speed? Why not try it from a Goblin perspective in We Be Goblins, or discover who has claimed an ancient siege castle in Master of the Fallen Fortress. New to Pathfinder? Sign up for In Service to Lore, an awesome introductory adventure to Pathfinder Society, the organized play version of the Pathfinder game. Want to get the next generation of gamers off on the right foot? Sign up your younglings for the Pathfinder Kids table, offered in both time slots, and featuring the excellent Pathfinder Beginner Box!

Last year the costumes and costume contest were fantastic! Dust off you capes, and practice your best hero pose because the cosplayers will be out in force. It also makes for some excellent people watching! All kinds of comic and toy vendors will be on hand, as well as artists, and a Friendly Local Game Store or two!

Show your support of our local comic convention, and maybe play an RPG or two! See you there!

Gaming at ACE

August 7, 2012 Comments off

The Asheville Comic Expo is coming to town on October 13th, and there will be gaming! All types of gaming: Role-playing games, Collectable Card Games, board games, retro video games and plenty of gaming vendors to take care of all the attendees’ gaming needs. I’ll be working closely with our Friendly Local Gaming stores and other gaming volunteers to make sure attendees can get their game on at the event!

ACE will be held at the Asheville Civic Center exhibition hall. Admission will be $5, and that will get you access to all the panels, vendors, gaming, and of course comics galore! We’ll have more details for you soon, but expect the Asheville Pathfinder Lodge to be out in force, which means plenty of Pathfinder Society scenarios. I will be running the DCCRPG adventure Sailors on the Starless Sea. Want to run a game at the event? Contact us, and we’ll work it out!
Register at warhorn to reserve your space at one of the RPG tables! Games will be from 12pm – 4pm. Get your RPG on, and still have time to see the rest of the Expo! See you there!