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A Box of Instant Awesome

January 5, 2012 8 comments

I mentioned yesterday that it can be tough to think up a new wondrous item. It turns out Paizo has created a wondrous item you can get your hands on, the box of instant awesome! The Pathfinder Beginner Box does not disappoint. I was admittedly a little nervous about running the adventure included for some veteran Pathfinder and 3.5 players, but the Skyland Games verdict is unanimous: Buy this box now!

I know this is hardly a revelation as the box has been out for months and has been lauded by several sources, but I felt we needed to add our voice to the chorus singing praise. Belying the name of the box itself, it can prove to be hours of fun for both veteran and beginner gamers. Its presentation is brilliant in that you can use the pre-gens and the GM can read the adventure as you go for almost immediate game play.

We took a slightly different approach. Since we are gearing up for some Pathfinder Society play down at SCARAB, the guys decided to try out some custom builds as a testing ground for their society characters. Due to illness we were down a few members, so the party consisted of a war dog-riding halfling paladin, a dwarven blunderbuss-toting gunslinger, and a pyromaniacal gnome alchemist. Hilarity ensued.

I won’t spoil the intro adventure for those of you who haven’t played it, but it uses a lot of classic elements of old delves. The guys had a blast exploring the very well done flip-mat provided with the box. In the end, they were a bit over-matched and didn’t survive the final encounter.

The overall presentation is top notch, and while I can’t look at it with eyes of someone new to gaming, when I got my hands on it I was new to Pathfinder and found it a really easy transition from 4e. I looked at Pathfinder years ago, but was intimidated by the massive 576 page tome of the core rules. I found that once I got a taste, I wanted more. A lot more. I can’t imagine I’m alone in that regard, and hope this box provides the gateway for a lot of people to get in to tabletop RPGs. Loaded with Amazon giftcards from christmas, I ordered the core rules, advanced players guide, and the gamemastery guide. I’ll be reviewing those in later posts.

The Beginner Box is worth every penny for both veterans and newbies alike! If you’ve got someone in your life whom you would like to introduce to RPGs, this is the best product out there.