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Kamakura Review

October 28, 2011 Comments off

Kamakura is a card game by Dyad games based on clans of feudal Japan. It was launched as a kickstarter back in May. Dyad has a really slick tutorial video about how to play, and how to use the special powers of the different warriors you have at your disposal.

A fast action card game, based in feudal Japan

The purpose of the game is to capture the territories of rival clans while defending your own. We played with all four clans as a free-for-all. You can play one on one or with teams. The game played really quickly and there was a surprising amount of combinations of warriors and weapons that made for fast and exciting play.

Dyad had a little trouble with the initial printing. When I received my deck the cards stuck together and caused a bit of tearing on the corners. To Dyad’s credit, they immediately responded to the problem and offered to replace any defective deck. It wasn’t really a deal-breaker for me, as the cards have an antique look to them anyway.

As of this date, it looks like getting your hands on a copy could be difficult if you weren’t in on the kickstarter. Last I read, they were researching other printing companies as they were disappointed in the final quality of the decks they received from the manufacturer. The game itself is really fun, and really fast. It has a high replay value, as the combinations of warriors, weapons, and arrow barrages make no two games identical.

Playing with four players and one deck required a lot of reshuffling. In fact, once everyone has 8 cards of the initial hand, there are only 4 cards left! That being said, cards are discarded rapidly as all weapons and the losing soldier are discarded in any battle. I have had a blast with this game, and the guys I was playing with agreed, Kamakura is a winner! Keep an eye on their site and try to snag a copy!

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