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Free RPG Day Report

June 18, 2012 1 comment

What an incredible day of gaming. I’ve participated in three free RPG days in this town, and the other two didn’t hold a candle to this year’s day. Our newest and most friendly local gaming store, The Wyvern’s Tale, decided to have their grand opening coincide with free RPG day this year. This was a fantastic choice on their part! The turnout was higher than I had ever seen at one of those events, and rather than people just snagging free stuff and retreating to their underground lairs to roll dice in the dark, there was constantly 3 to 5 games going on during the entire event! Pathfinder was by far the most common, but people were also playing Fiasco, Monsters Monsters, Hackmaster, DCCRPG, and I think there might have been some warhammer going on.

I had met the owners at GeekOut 2012, and they were really excited to see how many players and how many games were happening in the gaming room at that event. At that point, they were still in negotiations with a location in west Asheville, but the one they chose on Merrimon is one of the best gaming spaces I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially just a big old house, but it lends itself perfectly to gaming. The lower floor is all retail space with tons of boardgames, dice games, a magazine rack used to display RPG books, and a snackbar/register area. The upstairs of the house is all bedrooms that have been converted to gaming spaces! The main room has three tables, there is a wargaming room that has tables you can walk around and some terrain, and another bedroom with two smaller tables. There were many times in the day in which 5 games were going on at once! Rare is the FLGS that can pull that off.

Free RPG day is all about recruiting new players. We like to start them young. This is our newest wizard in training!

Needless to say, the Asheville Pathfinder Lodge has found it’s new home. In fact, we’ll be meeting there this Saturday the 23rd at 5pm. If you’re in anywhere near the Asheville area and want to get in on some Pathfinder organized play, come on by and check out the best gaming store in western North Carolina!

MultiverseAVL has some great pics of the Grand Opening/Free RPG day here. It was awesome. I can’t wait until next year!

On a side note, Comic Envy is organizing Asheville Comic Expo (A.C.E) for this October. I’m going to do my best to make sure there are some gaming tables going on at the event. If you like comics and gaming (and you probably do if you’re reading this) give them a like on facebook and keep an eye out for the next big gaming event in our region!

Free RPG Day!

June 4, 2012 2 comments

Free RPG Day is less than two weeks away! For the uninitiated, Free RPG Day is a magical day similar to Free Comic Book day, except that Free RPG Day is sponsored by Friendly Local Gaming Stores to encourage gamers to come out into the glaring light of the sun and pick up some awesome free stuff. While you’re there, you might as well see what else your FLGS is offering these days and maybe make a purchase or two to encourage them to continue to participate in this awesome event!

Our supremely awesome and brand new Asheville FLGS the Wyvern’s Tale will be hosting festivities starting at noon on Saturday, June 16th. This magical day will also be their grand opening! I offered to run DCCRPG, and there should be some Pathfinder games, and maybe even Fiasco. There is a ton of free loot to be had, but in the spirit of the day, why not stay and play awhile? We’ll be having a blast at the Wyvern’s Tale, but if you can’t make it to Asheville, find the nearest retailer near you, and show your support for your Friendly Local Gaming Store and RPGs!