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Kickstarter Game Roundup – March

March 6, 2012 1 comment

Skyland Games has long been a supporter of game kickstarters. Hosting the RPG blog carnival this month, we figured we might present some excellent examples of current game projects. The three we’re presenting for this month represent the kind of variety and different approaches from various kickstarters you can find any given month on the site. These all seem to have some good momentum and are worthy of a moment of your time.

First up, Velociraptor! Cannibalism! This is a light-hearted, hilarious card game in which each player starts out with a velociraptor that gains characteristics of other animals as play progresses. Your ‘raptor may have the head of a wolf, and the legs of an elephant for instance. Your choices give you certain advantages, but the greater the advantage, the more cute, helpless animals you have to eat to survive. The cannibalism comes in to play when another player has an animal part that you want. You then attack that player, and if successful, take that animal part and attach it to your ‘raptor. It look like it would make for a really funny game night!

Switching gears, I present Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. This looks like a war gaming system based around mecha made of Lego! Cool! It doesn’t necessarily have to be Lego, but the mechs they made on the kickstarter page look really cool. If I was the project manager on this, not only would I sell the kits as a backer reward (they’re already sold out) I would sell the plans for backers who want to see how these cool mechs are made. Game play is based around several colors of six-sided dice. When you make your mech you allocate different amounts of dice into different stats. Movement looks like its based on inches on the table using a tape measure. While you’ve got your bricks out making mechs, why not make some terrain! This looks like a really fun alternative to other miniatures games that can get really expensive. Not that legos are cheap, but at least you can build a lot of different mechs with them. Awesome concept!

And finally, a strategy card game that pokes a little fun at the RPG community, Edition Wars. Do you have strong opinions about which edition of the most popular fantasy RPG is the best? Battle for supreme edition supremacy in Edition Wars! Each player is a Gamemaster competing for players to assemble a complete party of six gamers. The weapons at your disposal include Snark, Blog (HEY!), and Merch. With a brand new edition of Dungeons and Dragons on the horizon, this game couldn’t have come at a better time. We all hope that the gaming community learned from past experiences, but judging from the shenanigans that ensued at the very announcement of a new edition, it’s clear that some of us haven’t. Prove you’re right once and for all, on the interwebs and now around the game table with Edition Wars!

Hope you guys enjoyed these projects. They’re all still excepting backers as of this posting and look to be a lot of fun. Contribute to someone’s independent game, and help make a cool idea into a cool game, and maybe the next great gaming company!

DnD Legos – Heroica

December 21, 2011 Comments off

Christmas shopping is great, because grown adults without kids can wander around the toy aisles without too many weird looks. I’ve got a nephew to shop for, but really, I just love seeing what kids play with these days. Recently Lego has come out with board games that you build and then play. One of the new releases this year would serve as a great introduction to DnD or RPGs in general for younger players. Check out Heroica!

Heroica is a series of four games, that appear to interlock but can be played individually. They feature heroes such as a Barbarian, Wizard, Rogue, Druid, Knight, and Ranger that battle against Goblins, Golems, Bats, and Spiders on different boards! Along the way they’ll encounter trapped chests, keys, potions of health and luck, gold, and artifacts to aid them in their quest! There is only one six-sided die that is used for both movement and combat. It looks like it would be a really fun way to introduce a younger player to dungeon delving.

Also on the Lego site are a series of animated comics that tell the story of how the heroes came together. It also features really long game play videos that show you exactly how to play, and gives you a good idea of how a game would play out.

When I saw them in the toy aisle, I was intrigued. Now that I’ve seen the games in action, I’m sold! The only remaining question is whether to brave the crazy last minute shopping crowds. If you’ve got a young, aspiring gamer on your list, or if you just want to loot a dungeon, defeat the goblins and take their stuff, this could be a great last minute gift! Check out the site, and if you end up playing it over the holidays, let us know what you think!

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