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Shadowrun Kickstarter Art

July 10, 2012 Comments off

Renraku Skyline

Take a look at this awesome art from the Shadowrun Video Game Kickstarter!!!!  

A few of us here at Skyland Games who are fans of Shadowrun have talked about how Shadowrun can be a little tough to get into. As long time gamers we’re fed a healthy diet of regular Tolkienesque fantasy themes, but Cybernetic Trolls? Dwarf Fixers? Ork Hackers? That’s a little harder to get into the mind’s eye, and even harder to leap into as a charcter. Part of that problem is that we don’t have a large body of fiction or art to paint us a picture.

Now, sure, Shadowrun has just celebrated it’s 20th Annivserary with a new edition of the game, but consistent and good mood art is hard to find.  And while a great body of fiction exists out there based on the genre, the game is changing (especially with this most recent edition) and it’s hard to stay up to date.

More problematic perhaps is the well developed and detailed history in Shadowrun that requires a fair bit of study to appreciate the richness of the world. Add in even newer and more innovative Augmented Realty rules which shake up the traditions of Shadowrun, and it’s tough to get a handle on.  Tack on Technomancers, sprites, and constantly evolving tech, and the game iteslf can be forbidding.  Just hard to jump into without more emersion.

Ergo, these pics really kind of help me get into the world. Take a look, and shoot us a few links to your favorite game related art!!!