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Homebrew Tip – Wiki as Campaign Tracker

November 10, 2011 4 comments

Wikis. You may have heard of them.

Wikis can be a powerful tool in your RPG toolbox. With our recently completed dwarven campaign, we used Google groups to help schedule gaming sessions, provide a little history, post summaries of sessions and segues between adventures. It provided a rich database of NPCs and backstories for the DM to draw from to make a great adventure for next session.

Then Google changed things; as is their wont. In the process, they took away a feature of Google groups called “pages” where we had stored a lot of info that wasn’t emailed to us in digest form the way our discussions were. Google claimed you would be able to download that info until a certain date, and if you had trouble to contact support. Well, we always got an error message when we tried to download info, and support from Google was non-existent despite several members trying to make contact several times.

Good luck with that

So this time we’re starting a wiki. We started with a general page about the campaign, then added character pages with descriptions and maybe a picture that inspired the character. As the story unfolds we can add session summaries, as well as pages for recurring enemies or NPCs. Hopefully it will be an even better resource than our Google group was. Also, some of us have iPhones, or iPads that could access that info on the fly, if necessary.

There are some potential problems that could come up. Some of the members in our group use technology and online resources more than others, and one currently doesn’t have high-speed internet access. This could limit how accurate the wiki is as a representation of the group as a whole. We’ll have to see how it goes in our great wiki experiment.

You can get your own wiki at wikispaces or wikidot.

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